McDonald’s Has Everyone Thrilled Over Their New Waffle Fries


Aside from death and taxes (two of life’s most unfortunate certainties), there has only been one thing that many of us have been sure of: the fact that McDonald’s would never carry waffle fries. While other chains have happily offered up fried potatoes all smushed together to look like your favorite breakfast food (they just taste better, okay?), McDonald’s hasn’t really done much with their fries (why mess with perfection) until they introduced the Gilroy Garlic variety earlier this year.

Any of us who thought they were going to stop there were terribly, terribly wrong. McDonald’s now offers waffle fries. And it’s as good a reason to move to Canada as any. (It’s also a good reason to go back to McDonald’s, even if you have given up on the Big Mac.)

Yep, unfortunately, these fries are only available in The Great White North (for now), but considering how well they’re doing — most people love them — we can all start wishing and hoping for a post-holiday miracle now. (Or we can head to Canada, where exchange rates work in our favor!)

Please, McDonald’s, hear our prayer: You’ve already removed that terrifying Ronald from sight, now is the time for waffle fries across the land. Bring them unto us. Like immediately.

People are already really psyched about these things, by the way. In fact, one person almost died when he found out that waffle fries existed.

The only real problem waffle fry lovers seem to be having is the cost versus the size. Apparently, the fries are a little too pricey per serving. And they’re smaller than the regular fries.

Outside of cost, though, there’s another struggle. Do you want fries or does nothing taste better than being thin feels?

Of course, how could you go wrong when this description of the waffle fries gets it so right?

This is all the proof you need: We must have waffle fries now. Could someone start a petition?

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