Exploring Why Millennials Are ‘So Over’ The Big Mac

10.17.16 3 years ago 15 Comments

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I’m a millennial. I’ll own it. I do typical millennial things — like shopping at Whole Foods for weird protein bars, and living in a modern loft. In the morning, I ride my bike to a coffee shop where I work with headphones on. You know the deal. So when I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal claiming that only one in five millennials had ever eaten a Big Mac, I wasn’t actually surprised. I had never eaten a Big Mac, after all. Why would my peers have bothered?

Which got me thinking, what is it about the Big Mac that keeps millennials away? Why had I never gone out of my way to order the famous sandwich off the menu? It wasn’t like I had anything against McDonald’s itself — I am, after all, one of the millions of suckers for the all-day breakfast menu. I’d just never thought to order the chain’s signature sandwich. When I was a kid, it seemed way too big for my little stomach. I preferred the five-piece McNuggets that came with the tiny bag of fries and the toy. By the time I graduated to the adult menu, I was still stuck on the chicken, preferring to order the McChicken. And so I embarked on my own quest — both for answers, and for my first Big Mac.

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