Hotels We Love: ME Cabo Is Like An Elevated Spring Break For Adults

The last time I was in Cabo San Lucas was during spring break of my junior year of college. As you can imagine, that week’s itinerary was packed with activities involving cheap booze and twerking competitions at Mango Deck. While the all-night ragers and questionable choices made for a memorable college experience, I went into this return trip ready for a more wholesome, more mature Cabo experience. Frankly, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Within 24 hours I had traded lounging quietly by the pool for long-pour tequila shots with a bachelor party, helpfully dispensed by bikini-clad bottle girls armed with sparklers. If there’s a version of Cabo that exudes wellness and relaxation, it certainly can’t be found at ME Cabo (although the in-house spa offers an hour of peace). But maybe I didn’t want that after all.

ME Cabo is a newly refurbished resort in the heart of the action in Cabo San Lucas. Located on one of the area’s only swimmable beaches, just steps from various dining experiences, bars, watersports, and adventure excursions, the luxury hotel is like an elevated spring break for adults. Between the all-day pool parties, indulgent yet freshly-prepared fare, nightly firework show, and modern design concepts, ME Cabo fosters an environment guaranteed to give you one epic weekend getaway. It may not have been my initial intention but it certainly didn’t disappoint.


ME Cabo Hotel Review
Chloe Caldwell

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are — staying at ME Cabo is a non-stop party. It’s the kind of place you want to go with a group of friends or your partner to celebrate a special occasion. Just walking through the hotel’s grand entrance — where you’re immediately met with attentive service, a glass of bubbly, and a view of Cabo’s pristine oceanic landscape — immediately puts you in vacation mode.

You can spend a full weekend at ME Cabo without ever even needing to leave the property. To be honest, the only time I left was for my daily morning stroll down the beach. As someone who seeks adventure pretty much everywhere I go, this was out of character for me. But the lively yet laidback vibes were both contagious and hypnotic, reeling me in and reminding me that it’s okay to just chill the f*ck out and have fun from time to time. With three different restaurants and a rooftop bar, complimentary concierge services, a pool, a spa, and comfortable yet elegant rooms with picturesque balcony views, ME Cabo offers everything you could need for a memorable Mexican vacation.


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell

ME Cabo is home to three different restaurants and a rooftop bar (with an incredible panoramic view of the iconic El Arco, I might add). Mamazzita is great for any meal of the day. The daily breakfast menu offers morning classics like eggs, fruit, a variety of fresh juices, pastries, pancakes, and coffee. Its specialty breakfast items offer a more sophisticated start to your day. My personal favorite was the salmon tartine, which was basically a fancy avocado toast topped with lox.

Dinner at Mammazita is quite extravagant. With bumping music and a live show every night, it’s guaranteed to be lively. The menu offers an extensive selection of dishes inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine. To start, order the Burrata in Mole Almendrado, which is straight-up cheese and baked banana with cinnamon smothered in mole sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. As for the main course, I drooled over the Branzino in Holy Leaf from the chef’s specialty menu. (Warning: You get the full fish served on a platter. So if seeing its face and tail will freak you out, opt for one of the other chef’s specials.)

ME Cabo is also home to the Taboo Beach Club restaurant (best for a casual lunch by the pool) and Funky Geisha, an Asian-inspired restaurant on the beach, where you can literally dine with your toes in the sand. This is a great option for a celebratory meal, as it offers an elevated beachside vibe. You also can’t go wrong with the signature craft cocktails. I ordered the Utopía, made with Don Julio 70 Tequila, Coco Liqueur, pink pepper, cinnamon, honey, lime juice, basil leaves, and ginger.


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell
  • Your own personal “aura hosts” to provide 24-hour assistance
  • High-speed Internet
  • Fitness center
  • KORPO Wellness Spa
  • Valet parking
  • Outdoor functional training area
  • Pet-friendly hotel
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Laundry services and dry cleaning
  • Yoga lessons, mat Pilates, and SUP yoga (additional charge)


ME Cabo Hotel
ME Cabo

ME Cabo offers a wide range of rooms and suites. You can choose from the Standard ME (ground floor), Standard ME Levelled Up, Superior ME+, Superior ME+ With Deck, Superior ME+ With Pool Access, Superior ME+ With Social Hot Tub, Extra ME+ Junior Suite, Extra ME+ Junior Suite With Terrace, Extra ME+ Junior Suite Beachfront and Hot Tub, Studio ME+ Suite, Exclusive ME+ Suite With Hot Tub and Terrace, Beyond ME+ Suite With Hot Tub and Terrace, and the Ultimate ME+ Suite.

Rooms start at $452 per night. Learn more about the different room types and book your stay here.


Taboo Beach Club Cabo
Chloe Caldwell

The best thing to do isn’t even a 10-minute walk away. It’s 10 steps away at Taboo Beach Club. This is the central hub of ME Cabo where the deep house music, bottle service, and chaotic energy run wild on a daily basis. It reminded me the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas with a Mexican twist.

You really don’t have a choice but to lean into the aggressive party atmosphere. That’s just the way Taboo Beach Club is set up — a giant structure in the middle of the pool where DJs rage on, with a swim-up bar, bikini-wearing or shirtless (and also insanely good-looking) staff whose whole job is to have fun, bottle service, and endless sunshine. The vibes are just right. Whether you decide to stay at ME Cabo or not, it’s worth spending an afternoon at Taboo Beach Club. Learn more and reserve a table at Taboo Beach Club here.

If you’re wiped out from partying, it’s also worth spending a day on the beach, booking a boating excursion (which the ME Cabo staff can help you with), or participating in water sports. You can find most if not all of this right on the beach in front of the ME Cabo property.


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If you want to get out and see more of Cabo, head to Downtown Cabo. You can stroll through the colorfully decorated streets of town while perusing local shops, food vendors, and boutiques. Here, you’ll also find the Marina filled with sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and a large boardwalk to continue your walk by the water. Spending an afternoon in the downtown area is a great way to take in more of the local scene and get out of your resort bubble, even briefly.


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell

My favorite part about my ME Cabo hotel room was the fact that the bed faces the sliding glass door to the balcony. So you wake up every morning looking out to a seaside view. As for the bed itself, it was right in that sweet spot between firm yet soft enough to jump into for a post-beach club nap. They didn’t go overboard with the decorative pillows like a lot of luxury resorts do, and the sheets and comforter were light enough to stay cool through the night.

Rating: 8/10


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell

Sex appeal is steadily oozing through the hallways of ME Cabo. The contemporary art and photography scattered around the building’s interior, the chic yet sophisticated design of each room, and again, a bed facing a romantic ocean view alone make it a downright sexy place to stay. Add in the Vegas-like pool parties, top-shelf booze, swanky yet cool restaurants, and nightly fireworks, and the level of sultry inspiration shoots to the next level. It’s the perfect place for a romantic bae-cation or a spontaneous weekend fling.

Rating: 9/10


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell

There’s a reason I’ve mentioned the views multiple times, they really are that good! You can see the famous Cabo arches from nearly every upper-level room and on the beach just a couple of steps from the property.

However, if you’re on the ground floor or in one of the outer rooms, you may want to make a trip up to the rooftop bar to take it all in. This is the best place to grab a drink at sunset. It’s quiet and mostly empty here until after the sun goes down and the music comes up (although it should be crowded considering this view), so you’ll be able to sip your Mezcal with an unobstructed scene of the surrounding sea.

Rating: 9/10


Cabo San Lucas
Chloe Caldwell

Spring, but not spring break. Unless you want to be bombarded by crowds of college students stoked on the fact they can legally drink in Mexico (which, more power to you if that’s your scene), then you should probably wait it out and head south a week or so after the underage partiers have fled the scene.


ME Cabo Hotel
Chloe Caldwell

What makes ME Cabo so fun is also the one thing I have to complain about. It’s a never-ending party. When my head hit the pillow the first night I immediately regretted not bringing earplugs. The techno music seems to be blasting 24-seven, and the rooms definitely aren’t sound-proof enough to drown it out. By the time I left ME Cabo, I didn’t want to listen to house music for at least a month (or ever again).


If you’re in the mood to let loose and soak up the sun, ME Cabo is the place to do it. And do it luxuriously. Book your stay at ME Cabo here.