Oreo Takes On Easter With A New Flavor To Delight And Disgust Us All


For most of its existence, the Oreo only came in a few different versions. There was the regular Oreo (vanilla cream frosting nestled between two thin chocolate cookies). Then came the double stuff (a bit more frosting). And then… everything went off the rails. In recent years, the folks at Nabisco have rolled out such strange flavors as Swedish Fish, Banana Split, Birthday Cake, and even Candy Corn. It was only a matter of time before the company set it’s sights on Easter.

According to a recent post from TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram, Oreo’s newest flavor creation is Peeps. Yes, Peeps. You know, those strange, marshmallow-centric, neon bird-shaped treats that seem to take over the candy section of your local supermarket every Spring.

This brings us to a very important question: does anyone actually like Peeps or do we just tolerate them? Who is buying all the Peeps?

You can (or soon will be able to) grab boxes of Peeps Oreos at your local Walmart. And since everyone in the world has a “local” Walmart, they really shouldn’t be hard to find.

According to GrubStreet, the cookies aren’t the usual chocolate wafers we know and love. These Oreos consist of bright pink Peeps flavored cream (what do Peeps taste like? Probably a mixture of sugar and dentist tears) sandwiched between two golden wafer cookies. As usual, Twitter was abuzz about the newest Oreo flavor. Some people were for it, while others…not so much:

Continued success of these mad scientist flavors is probably contingent on people actually buying them. If people bought Creamsicle and Watermelon flavored Oreos, this is sure to be a hit. It makes us wonder what Nabisco has up its sleeve next. Maybe they’ll continue the holiday trend and release an Oreo that tastes like firecrackers or hot dogs for the Fourth of July. One can only hope.