Our Slightly Stoned Review Of Snoop Dogg’s Weed-Infused Onion Rings

Growing up in Southern California in the ‘90s, most of what I learned about weed came from Snoop Dogg. That iconic chorus from “Gin and Juice” — “rollin’ down the street smokin’ Indo/ sippin’ on gin and juice” turned me on to gin and juice (it’s the first “cocktail” I ever had) and probably deserves much of the credit for my preference toward powerful indoor indica weed strains. So Snoop Dogg is to me what I imagine Cheech and Chong were to stoners growing up in the ‘80s, an entry point to a wonderful world. Just knowing that Tha DoggFather is still deep into the weed game brings me a lot of joy, even if his brand, Leafs by Snoop, is exclusive to Colorado.

While I’ve yet to get my hands on Snoop’s weed, I was lucky enough to score both flavors of Snoop Dogg’s Snazzle Os, a cannabis-infused Funyuns-inspired snack made in collaboration with TSUMo Snacks, packing 100mg of THC in each bag. Unlike the Dogg Father’s namesake strain, this product is, as of now, exclusive to California — meaning that it was easy for me (and a whole lot of Snoop fans) to access. The Snazzle Os come in two flavors, Onion and Spicy Onion, and are currently available at MedMen locations until October 20th, after which the brand will hit dispensaries statewide.

So are Snazzle Os any good? How high will they get you? Does combining stoner snacks with actual weed improve both or fly too close to the sun? We ate a bowl of each variety and we’re ready to offer some slightly stoned thoughts.

Snazzle Os Onion/Spicy Onion

Snazzle Review
Dane Rivera

Price: $22

THC: 100mg per bag, 10 mg per serving

Tasting Notes:

Before I get into what the Snazzle Os taste like, I need to speak on their genius. The edible industry is full of sweet snacks, gummies, hard candy, brownies, cakes, and sweet drinks. With a few exceptions, the cannabis edible realm has more than enough sweet treats crafted to get you high, but not enough savory stuff. Snazzle Os don’t contain a single gram of sugar, instead offering something salty and savory to munch on.

We need more products like that.

Another genius thing about this snack is its shareability. Yes, you can break an edible brownie into twos or fours, but it always feels like you’re compromising both the dosage and the size of the snack. With Snazzle Os you can simply empty a bag into a big bowl and pass it between friends, bringing the communal aspect of smoking weed into the edible space.

Again, we need more products like this!

Snazzle Review
Dane Rivera

As for the flavor, TSUMo and Snoop Dogg have come up with something that tastes a whole lot like Funyuns. Funyuns are cornmeal based while Snazzle Os are made from sorghum, which is a grain closely related to corn, but considering most of the flavor is coming from the seasoning and the texture is essentially the same, you wouldn’t really catch the difference without looking at the ingredients list.

The Onion flavored Snazzle Os feature pronounced onion notes on the nose, with a tiny hint of plant-y cannabis flavor at the backend. They’re crispy and snappy, and a bit denser than Funyuns, but feature a strong and satisfying flavor.

If you have to pick just one flavor, we can’t recommend the Spicy Onion Snazzle Os enough. This is truly where it’s at, — they have that same onion and garlic forward flavor with a bit more complexity via some earthy turmeric notes and a strong Flamin’ Hot-esque kick that builds in the back of your throat with the more rings you eat. Since I was sampling both bags at the same time I had to settle for a half serving of each, but I’d have happily eaten more Spicy Rings had I not been eating this product for a review.

Snazzle Review
Dane Rivera

It’s hard to believe that just six of these pack 10mg of THC — they’re addicting enough that you’re going to want at least 10, so be very aware of your dosing if you’re a lightweight. The high hit me about 30 minutes after I finished my last ring and was noticeable in my body first, radiating a warm feeling from head to toe and bringing a strong sense of relaxation over me without weighing me down.

After the initial body high, the experience lived mostly in my head for the next couple of hours, providing a cerebral trip that had me feeling euphoric and honestly, hungry for more rings. I’m a heavy user, but the 10mg six-ring dose was enough to satisfy me, though the next time I dive into a bowl I’ll probably opt for a bigger handful.

The Bottom Line:

Simply one of the best edible experiences I’ve ever had. If you’re not a fan of sweet treats and want something salty and shareable, the Snazzle Os are a near-perfect cannabis-infused snack.