A Beer Bar Guide To Amsterdam, Just In Time For Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us. That means a fair few of us are going to be hitting up Amsterdam. That’s a solid spring break call, no matter your age. The drinking, the drugs, the endless bikes — it’s an adventure of the best sort.

Figuring out the best place to drink in Amsterdam is a difficult task. For one, the city is full of great bars, restaurants, and cafes. So picking one or two as the “best” is always a fool’s errand. But if you love beer and want to have a rollicking good time, we have you covered.

Take 30 minutes and give our latest episode of One More Road For the Beer a listen. In this episode, Joe Stange and Zach (me) hit some of the best places to grab a tasty glass of suds in the ‘Dam. If you’re planning on hitting up Amsterdam for Spraaaaaaaang Breeaaaaaaak in the coming week or two, let this podcast be your guide for finding some of the best beer the city has to offer and a tasty morsel or two along the way.

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Episode Six Beer Bar Guide (see map below):

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