The Best European Capitals To Visit In Summer 2017, According To Uproxx Travel Writers

What makes a great European city? Unique and well-executed food culture? A little high society blended with a fair bit of bacchanalia? Ease of transport? History? Or just the standards: Good food, plenty to do, and nice people to enjoy all of it with. That’s the simple, pulsing heart of our love of travel.

This week, we thought we’d take a look at which cities we love in Europe — more specifically, European capitals. Steve Bramucci insists that Amsterdam is the best (his Italian familia must be rolling in their graves). Christopher Osburn picked Edinburgh, which isn’t technically a capital… Yet. Vince Mancini makes a strong case for Prague. This is a short list of places we really, really love. It’s not comprehensive. And just because, say, Warsaw didn’t make the cut, it doesn’t mean we don’t love that city too … we do, just not as much as these ones… Yet.

As far as the order goes, it is semi-intentional. But there’s still plenty of room for you to argue with us in the comments.