Plan A Trip With This Visual Tour Of Stunning ‘Rogue One’ Locations

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Lucas Films/Disney

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be the eighth film in the Star Wars canon (no, we’re not counting the outlandish Christmas special). The film has gone all in on the ragtag team of rebels planet hopping around the galaxy like 22-year-old backpackers, in order to defeat the Galactic Empire and save the day, or in this case steal some blueprints.

In short, they rebel. No word yet on whether they also do some WOOFing to make money on the road.

Director Gareth Edwards and his location scouts found some unarguably stunning corners of our planet to give a wondrous sense of galactic space in his first swipe at a Star Wars film. And, yes, Edwards even used a real location (outside of a sound stage) for scenes featuring the Death Star too. The only question that remains is if we’ll ever get a film about all those Bothans who died stealing the second Death Star plans between Empire and Return. (We’re starting to think Vader was kinda bad at his job.)

Below are all the (known) locations Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Add them to your 2017 travel bucket list of must-visit destinations.


Lucas Film/Disney

Mýrdalssandur Beach is one of those locations that feels very over the hills and far away. It’s remote and otherworldly. The place starts to feel haunted when the fog rolls in and gets stuck against the green mountains, which loom above the jet black earth. Rocky outcrops disappear into the soupy world around and all sense of direction dissipates. It sounds like a great place to hide out.

To get there fly into the absolutely lovely and convivial Icelandic capital Reykjavik then drive about two-and-half-hours southeast until you find yourself in Eadu.

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