Spark Your Wanderlust With These Oscars-Inspired Travel Destinations

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Wanderlust can be sparked by so many things — books, music, casual conversations with mustachioed strangers, random 4am Instagram browsing, and, for many of us, movies. Tonight, the Oscars will surely offer another source of travel inspiration. Many of tonight’s nominated films could double as tourism ads — Visit the Martian frontier! Drive the Fury Road!

Here are six Oscar nominated movies that used their settings to help tell compelling stories:


Berlin, Germany – Bridge of Spies



Director Steven Spielberg’s Cold War-era Bridge of Spies takes place largely in Berlin, with a particular focus the Glienicke Bridge, for which the movie is named. Today, Berlin gets more tourists than any other city in Europe, with the number of visitors doubling over the past 10 years. It’s official tourism site boasts that the city has more museums than it does rainy days.

With an abundance of shops, theaters, bars, and restaurants, today’s Berlin is a much more welcoming atmosphere than the one that was portrayed on screen.

✖️ definitely worth a walk. Photograph by @ezgkurtulus.

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