The New Starbucks Cup Probably Won’t Offend Anyone This Christmas

With the American president declaring the War on Christmas back on, everyone’s been waiting with bated breath for the first salvo to be launched. Because, apparently, there’s no better way to worship the peacenik, wealth-hating Jesus more than fighting bloody Tweet battles about what to call a consumer holiday based around his fake birthday. #WhatATimeToBeAlive

A Starbucks employee stepped up the plate and launched upon the world a glimpse of the new holiday cup from Starbucks — a cup that seems to always get the far right’s hackles up. And the cup is kinda just fine, which makes them two for two this year with their cups.

The festive cups were leaked on Reddit by a Starbucks’ employee. They show hands holding, Christmas trees, doves, stars, snowflakes, and bolts of ribbon. They’re pretty innocuous overall. There’s also two of the red cups from the previous year centered around a heart. Those were the ones Starbucks put out as a “blank canvas” for anyone to holiday-up themselves. They caused a lot of controversy for not taking a side in the last War of Christmas, which was evidently being waged when President Obama was in the White House.

The reaction has been pretty tame in the social media world. So far, everyone is leaning into the funnier side of things and not getting too hot or bothered.

All that being said, it’s still only October. There’s more than enough time for someone out there internet-land to get their outrage on and dig into their trenches of the newly declared War on Christmas.

[UPDATE] Starbucks has officially dropped their new Holiday Cups on the public. Turns out, the Redditor who initially spilled the beans a couple of weeks ago was on the money as the cups are exactly what that leaked photo showed. We’ve taken the liberty of posting a few images of the official cup below so you can prepare your Twitter hot takes early this year.

(Via Starbucks)