Starbucks’ Fall Cups Surprisingly Haven’t Backfired — Yet

Starbucks has had some trouble in the past with their seasonal cup choices. Let’s just say people might care a little too much about whether or not a corporation kowtows to their holiday sometimes. Online kerfuffles have erupted over Starbucks’ cup choice again and again. But, Starbucks hasn’t been deterred. Oh, no, when Starbucks goes all in, they stay all in.

To celebrate the first day of fall — or the autumnal equinox if you’re into astronomical terminology — Starbucks released their fall line of totally adorbs cups. Each one is a different fall-based color with a large round white orb in the middle. The cups will come in “jewel-tones of plum, teal and orange” and each white orb will have “hand-drawn designs including a pie, an owl and of course, a pumpkin,” according to Starbucks’ website. Which sounds very innocuous and un-rage inspiring. Unless you’re a Starbucks barista and you have to spend the better part of your day drawing pumpkins, pies, and owls.

Let’s check in on Twitter to see if Starbucks has offended anyone yet. Scrolling … Scrolling … (Eyes widen). There’s no outrage? There’s no outrage. In fact, people seem to be pretty stoked on the new design.

Well, that’s a refreshing break from the usual the soul-crushing online tweetstorms of late. The cups are also available without the hand-drawings and you’ll be able to draw your own image on the cups if you so choose. Which, there’s no way that an interactive format for a Starbucks cup can backfire, right?

Let’s check in on Instagram to see how this is going. Scrolling … Scrolling … Hum, it’s not backfiring? Maybe the sun being directly over the equator has calmed everyone down a little bit. People seem to be getting into the spirit of things with their fall coffee cups — which is kind of refreshing.