These Cannabis Strains Will Ensure Your Spring Party Season Is Lit

The coziness of winter is finally coming to an end. The weather is warming up across the country. The outdoors are calling as the prospect of spring break looms over our upcoming plans. We’re not sure where your head is at right now, but we could really use a break from all the recent stress we’ve been under. Politics, pandemics, poboys (this one isn’t stressful, I just needed a third “p”), forget all that noise. Let’s gather some friends (or kick it alone if you’ve had enough of them), light up, and burn a bowl of good herb until the only thought in your head is “… what?”

Since the weather is begging us to go outside, we’ve decided to focus this season’s list on hybrid and sativa strains that’ll keep you active, energetic, social, and euphoric. There’s nothing worse than getting a case of couch-lock from a heavy indica while you’re out on a hike, kicking it in the park, or at a party. But if you’re all about the heavy stuff, we made sure to include a couple of indica strains for you that’ll chill you out at night and wind you down for the next day’s party.

Here are all the strongest weed strains to keep your spring party season lit.


THC: 17-25%
Strain: Hybrid (Sativa-Dominant)

The sweet scent and tropical flavor of this sativa dominate hybrid strain will instantly chill you out thanks to the floral-tinged smoke and anxiety killing high it produces. Clementine — a crossbreed of Tangie and Lemon Skunk — is so fruity it’s almost shocking. It’s the type of weed that acts as a conversation starter. Pull up to the session with an eighth of fresh Clementine and you’re guaranteed to have the best smelling and tasting weed in the circle.

Clementine’s sativa dominance will keep the high from weighing you down throughout the day and will melt away your stress while keeping you energized and ready for whatever the day is about to throw at you.

Check Leafly, MedMen or WeedMaps to find Clementine at a dispensary near you.

Wedding Cake

THC: 23-25%
CBD: <1%
Strain: Hybrid (Indica-Dominant)

A celebratory season deserves a celebratory weed, and no strain will make you feel more elated and indulgent than this indica-dominant hybrid strain. Wedding Cake’s smoke has a slight citrus flavor that subtlety cuts through heavy notes of earthy cracked pepper. With dense, dank, and sticky buds, Wedding Cake will leave your fingers sticky with kief from its frosty pale green flowers. In return, you’ll get a lengthy smoke session without having to burn through too much of your supply.

This strain’s high will come on steady but strong, filling you with a deep relaxation that’ll put your stress to bed before it puts you to bed.

Check Leafly and WeedMaps to find Wedding Cake at a dispensary near you.

Snoochie Boochies

THC: 24.92%
CBD: 37.5%
Strain: Sativa

If you’re looking for a great wake-and-bake strain, it doesn’t get much better than Caviar Gold’s Snoochie Boochies. This strain has the distinction of being Caviar Gold’s only sativa strain and was made to the flavor specifications of Kevin Smith (who also named the strain). What did Smith want? Breakfast it turns out. Snoochie Boochies has a distinctive maple tone to its smell and flavor, which is another reason it makes such a good wake-and-bake weed.

Caviar Gold’s practice is to dip each of their flower buds in a THC concentrated distillate, giving Snoochie Boochies a whopping 24 percent THC and 37 percent CBD which makes the strain feel high quality and medicinal. The high CBD level in this strain (the highest on this list by a mile) melts away anxiety and leaves you in a clear headspace to tackle whatever is ahead. It’ll even obliterate a hangover thanks to its nausea reducing benefits.

Head to Caviar Gold to find Snoochie Boochies at a dispensary near you.

Strawberry Cough

THC: 17.5-24.3%
Strain: Sativa

Strawberry Cough gets its name from the sweet strawberry-like aroma of the buds. A jar of this stuff is practically potpourri. Unfortunately, smoking this stuff isn’t as sweet an experience as the smell suggests. Instead, Strawberry Cough offers up a heavy herbal and peppery taste with a hint of dryness that can cause you to, well, cough. I’ve found that whether smoked from a bong or vaped, there is no avoiding the dry throat closing sensation a hit of this strain provides.

If you’re prepared and open to the coughs, they’ll only make you feel higher and the head trip that Strawberry Cough is clear-headed, allowing you to feel sufficiently stoned but still capable of conversing and laying your thoughts out to those around you. It’s a great, anxiety-killing social strain.

Check Leafly to find Strawberry Cough at a dispensary near you.

Paris OG

THC: 21%
Strain: Indica

Be warned, Paris OG will knock you out. Don’t smoke this indica strain in the morning. Don’t smoke it if you want to do anything because Paris OG is an absolute demotivator. A cross between Lemon OG and Headband, Paris features a mild pepper taste with citrus top notes that smells dank smoked or unsmoked. One hit will have you considerably sedated and couch-locked, ready for either bed or to just spend the next two hours spaced out.

This makes Paris OG a perfect strain if all you want to do is trip out on your favorite record. You’ll be hearing your favorite music in a whole new way when stoned off this stuff, don’t smoke it in a social situation unless everyone is cool with being in their own world for a bit.

Check Weedmaps to find Paris OG at a dispensary near you.


THC: 18-25%
CBD: <1%
Strain: Hybrid

Gelato is a delicious-sounding hybrid strain with similarly delicious genetics. A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato has a deep sweet scent with an abundance of bold purple streaks through the orange hair and crystal covered buds. Flavor-wise, you get a peppery almost hoppy taste with a resulting high that’ll leave you giddy and, frankly, a little dumb.

Gelato’s balance of sativa and indica properties will have you in a happy and chilled out mood which is great for an afternoon session chilling poolside or catching some early acts at a festival before the big crowds gather.

Check Leafly or Weedmaps to find Gelato at a dispensary near you.

Blue Dream

THC: 19-27%
CBD: 0-2%
Strain: Hybrid

You’ve likely smoked this incredibly popular high-THC hybrid strain, and for good reason, it’s one of the best. If this list has so far been a little too heavy on the berry-tinged and sweet strains, this sativa-dominant strain has none of that. Highly piney and herbal, Blue Dream has a distinctive dank smell that’ll permeate throughout any space you’re occupying, even if you have it locked up in a glass jar.

Aptly named, Blue Dream’s high will have you in your head like the strongest indica but without any of the sedative effects. Instead, you’ll feel like your thoughts are bouncing off of clouds as any sense of stress, anxiety, and bad vibes dissolve into a stoned smile.

Check Leafly or Weedmaps to find Blue Dream at a dispensary near you.

Death Star

THC: 19.5%
Strain: Hybrid (indica-dominant)

Death Star gets its name from its Sour Diesel and Sensi Star genetics. This strain absolutely stinks, with an earthy chemical taste that’ll remind you that yes, you’re smoking a drug. Expect your flower jar to be full of small but dense orange-haired buds and settle in for a relaxing and euphoric high that’ll make you question why this strain needs to have such a threatening name.

Considering how many weed strains are named after something in Star Wars, we know that weed growers are just huge nerds.

Check Leafly or Weedmaps to find Death Star at a dispensary near you.

Venom OG

THC: 16-27%
Strain: Hybrid

Brought to you by cannabis breeder Rare Dankness, Venmo OG is a hybrid strain that combines Rare Dankness’ own Rare Dankess #1 with Poison OG for a skunky woodsy strain that’ll knock you into a severe case of the munchies before crashing into nap mode. Lighting up a bowl of Venom will fill the space with a burnt forest smell, as dense earthy smoke takes over and you settle in for a balanced chilled out high.

It’s great to smoke before a big meal, after a big meal, or when you’re ready for a mid-day break between more active events.

Check Weedmaps to find Venom OG at a dispensary near you.

Lemon Haze

THC: 19-24.6%
Strain: Hybrid (sativa-dominant)

Lemon Haze has just the right amount of Indica genetics to provide a great head high for this high energy, euphoria-inducing stress killing strain. Lemon Haze is rumored to be one of the rare weed strains that induce arousal, which probably has a lot to do with the strain’s ability to get you out of your head and up for anything.

Lemon Haze has an earthy smell and is one of the lighter-colored strains on this list, with amber hairs and a frosty haze over pale almost beige buds. Flavor-wise, this strain has a noticeable zesty flavor, which probably informed its name. This is a high quality, powerful strain from the west coast.

Check Leafly or MedMen to find Lemon Haze at a dispensary near you.