These Cannabis Strains Will Make Your Holiday Season Cozy As Hell

December is a curious month, as it is billed as both “the most wonderful time of the year” and incredibly stressful because of those same things that make it wonderful. There are a ton of fun events like gift exchanges, tree decorating, and parties. But these all demand planning, preparation, and artfully composed shots for Instagram. With only 31 days in the month, there’s hardly enough time to hold down a job, maintain decent interpersonal relationships, and get all this crap done.

This is why it’s so important to find time to get time to cuddle up and recharge this month. And we think cannabis can be the key to doing so.

The following list contains ten weed strains that we’ve found to be super helpful in finding our snug, cozy happy place. In some cases, it’s a strain that made making seven trays of sugar cookies a reality, and in others, it made us the giggliest tabletop gamer at a family Cranium gathering. But all of them are good for sliding on some wool socks, climbing under a blanket, and watching as many movies as possible before drifting into an untroubled sleep. There really isn’t a bad strain here.

Read through to see if your faves made the list, and if not, hop into the comments to shout them out. Everyone likes a weed recommendation.

Wedding Cake

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The name Wedding Cake certainly conjures up more of a buoyant spring feeling than a blustery winter one, but this balanced, indica-leaning hybrid is genuinely perfect for curling up in front of a fire or television. The high starts in the head, with some euphoria and speeding up of thoughts. Before an hour elapses, the body high follows, leaving limbs warm and heavy. It’s perfect for a media binge on a cold night because your mind remains totally alert and tuned in while your body is happy to chill.

A cross between the popular strains Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, this strain is a bit sour and tangy with a vanilla creaminess that makes it tasty in the way that a cherry vanilla clafouti is. Wedding Cake also has a really rich mouthfeel that’s decadent — like a winter dessert should be.

Blue Hawaiian

Another strain whose name doesn’t inspire images of sugarplum fairies and frolicking snowmen, Blue Hawaiian is a 50/50 hybrid that sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a night of tiki drinks. However, this cross between Blueberry and a Hawaiian sativa landrace is ideal for December days and nights spent celebrating with friends and family. It definitely makes your spirits rise and sends a warm tingle racing through your body, making it good for people who feel a little down in the darkness of winter and/or stressed about hanging with a million people.

You might expect Blue Hawaiian to have a grape or berry taste, but that’s not the case. Instead, the smoke leaves a piney, woody flavor behind. If you’re the sort that has to have a live tree in your house for the holidays and gets excited about fir and balsam candles, you’ll really appreciate the taste of this strain.


Strains don’t have to be lauded and win awards to be enjoyable, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Bubblegum has won multiple times at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Spannabis Cup because it creates such a powerful, euphoric high. The indica-leaning hybrid is great for people who have the kind of stress, anxiety, or mood disorders that render them incapable of truly relaxing and getting cozy. A few hits of Bubblegum and most people experience body sedation and a focused, meditative state of mind perfect for hanging with others and wrapping presents while listening to holiday music.

This strain is named for its fragrance, which is pure sugary pink bubblegum. The flavor has mild elements of it as well, but overall, it’s more floral and fruitier than sheer Bubble Yum. Some people even pick up some bitterness and earthiness.

Jack Frost

People looking for the perfect strain to enhance a chilly day spent around the house will dig on this sativa dominant hybrid. Jack Frost’s lineage includes classics like Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights, so it’s no surprise that it is so popular. Like those strains, it is uplifting and euphoric, making it a good social strain, but it also works perfectly for enjoying your own company because it makes you super happy and giggly. Whether you’re decorating solo or doing some last-minute shopping online, this strain will up the fun levels in a big way. Plus, just a couple bong rips will leave you high for up to three hours, and that’s excellent bang for your buck.

Jack Frost has a very smooth, clean smoke that makes it easy on the lungs and pleasurable in the mouth. Plus, the flavor is very seasonally appropriate — with notes of wood, pine, and earth. It evokes walking in the woods with the same overall soothing effects that actually walking in them would give you.


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SFV OG Kush is a phenotype of OG Kush that was cultivated in San Fernando Valley. It was awarded a third place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup’s indica category, and it definitely deserved the high ranking because it is a solid strain. Probably better for use in the evening as you wind down for bed, SFV OG Kush makes you super happy and a little spacey before the body buzz sets in and sends waves of relaxation radiating out from your spine. It’s perfect for sipping peppermint schnapps laced cocoa and watching your favorite holiday films before the comedown eases you into a restful sleep. During such a stressful season, being able to get quality rest is priceless.

This is another strain with an earthy pine flavor that is super reminiscent of Christmas trees. It’s genuinely delicious, which is why users who consider this strain one of their favorites recommend vaping it in order to get the most flavor out of it.

Ice Cream

We feel that it’s always the right time for ice cream, and that position extends to this indica dominant hybrid as well. Having placed in more than one Highlife Cup, this strain has a solid reputation for enhancing users’ creativity, improving their moods, and providing some enjoyable sedation. It’s super helpful in enabling people with anxiety and depression to find relief and joy, making it great for those times when winter stress gets in the way of spending a relaxing night with friends making crafts, playing board games, making a big dinner, or watching Scrooged for the 50th time. It will also give you hella munchies so have lots of cookies on hand.

This strain both smells and tastes like sweet ice cream. In addition to sugary notes, some people also pick up vanilla, honey, and nuttiness. Its smoke is very smooth, as well, making it have a nice richness in your mouth to accompany the creamy flavor on the exhale.


Regular cannabis users will appreciate Highlands, an indica-dominant hybrid that has a very high concentration of THC. For newer users, moderation will be key to avoiding an obliterating high. However, if used responsibly, Highlands provides a near-perfect high marked by both clear-headedness and complete bodily relaxation. It’s like curling up on the sofa with your favorite book and a cup of tea but with an awesome high as well. If you have some creative ideas you want to mull over before the new year begins, this is a nice way to start a session. You may not find yourself able to act on your thoughts, but what you come up with will be great. Be sure to write it down so you remember.

This is a strain whose flavors and aromas vary based on batch. A lot of people pick up an earthy, woodsy taste that is ideal for winter smoking, while others get some sweeter honey notes as well. It is typically a little spicy and can taste of fuel. The aroma is way pungent, so there is no stealthy smoking.

Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine is a rare sativa. Sativas aren’t rare in terms of strains, but they are when it comes to getting warm and comfy in the winter. Indicas tend to be better at providing relaxation, so they work ideally when you need to be super high in a large, warm sweater with a s’more in your hand. Though this sativa is more likely to make you productive than to sedate you into couch lock, sometimes being cozy means getting shit done. Though you will totally feel relaxed, there will also be a sense of purpose in this high, as well as a pleasure in accomplishment. Want to get your Martha Stewart on and make a ton of cookies? Sugar Pine. Want to hit a craft store and buy supplies to do some fancy present wrapping? Sugar Pine.

In addition to a kick-ass high, this strain also boasts some stellar flavor. The flower is a little piney, a little woody diesel, and a little sugary vanilla. There is a bit of something for everyone, and an overall wintery appeal.

Aspen OG

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Though this hybrid is slightly more stativa than indica, it’s a balanced high overall. Expect the high to come in layers. There is an immediate head high marked by pressure around the eyes and a sharpening of the senses. Some people’s thoughts race, others may have psychedelic effects. During these early stages, a lot can be accomplished, which is nice if you aren’t quite ready to settle down and get comfy yet. But do expect a heavy body stone to show up after a bit to relax muscles and slow thinking. Most people avoid couchlock, but will nonetheless feel totally happy chilling in one spot for hours. You will be able to get up, you simply may not see the advantage to doing so.

This strain has some Sour Diesel in its lineage, so though you get the woody, earthy flavor you expect from a strain named after a densely forested region, you also get that funky, sour fuel flavor. On the exhale, there may also be a skunky taste and some sweetness.

Northern Lights

People looking to get completely baked this winter will love this 95 percent indica strain with 33 percent THC content. It is one of the most popular indicas on the West Coast because it only takes two hits to go from overworked holiday stress case to couch potato with a driving need to consume copious quantities of Moose Munch. And if the total relaxation wasn’t enough, the high also comes with a lovely feeling of joy and wellbeing. Some people report enjoying an increase in focus and creativity, and that does happen. However, it can be hard to act on those thoughts because of the sedative nature of the high. You won’t be decorating or signing cards or making fudge after smoking this.

Northern Lights has a nice flavor that is primarily sweet and earthy with a touch of citrus if you really look for it. Some people get hashy and piney notes, as well. It’s not as fun as some of the more spice or sweet forward strains, but it is pleasant.