These T-Rex Engagement Photos Are More Beautiful Than Anything Humans Could Muster Up

Engagement photos tend to aim for something whimsical and elegant in their design. If things go according to plan, you’ll impress your guests and provide a friendly middle finger to exes, enemies and that stuck-up jagoff at speed dating. The only problem is that we’ve been doing these things all wrong. Humans should not be the stars of these things. Dinosaurs should. Or folks in T. Rex costumes, at least.

As highlighted by Cosmopolitan, some incredible engagement photos featuring T. Rex romance have bubbled up into the world. Photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams elected to go in a new direction with a charming photo shoot featuring two dinosaurs destined to walk down the aisle.

The shoot took place at Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley, Washington, although the photographers chose not to play the dinosaurs themselves.

“We shot the photos on Sunday January 15th at Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley, WA. In the t-Rex costumes we have Stephanie Mills (Maria’s cousin) and Marian Davis (Stephanie’s friends),” noted the duo in a statement about the unusual imagery. “The reason they were chosen to be in the suits is because they had the personality that fit what we were looking for. They aren’t actually engaged, but played an important role which was successful.”

Sensible advice. It’s always a plus to match up a dinosaur with its appropriate personality. Otherwise this might look a bit silly.

Basel and Adams say they were inspired to go ahead with this photo set for two key reasons:

1) To make others laugh and smile since there is so much depressing and sad news surrounding us daily.

2) To let everyone know no matter who you are there is someone out there that loves you.

Will T. Rexing your engagement become a trend? Possibly. Could this signal an arms race of unexpected engagement photo sets? Most definitely.

(Via Cosmopolitan)