A Blanket Of Smog Is Ruining Everyone’s Taj Mahal Travel Photos

Life & Culture Editor
11.07.16 5 Comments


New Delhi is currently in a state of emergency after a deadly smog has turned the usually very polluted city into what CNN is referring to as “the most polluted city in the world right now.” The air quality is so bad, in fact, that residents (and tourists alike) are buying anti-pollution masks as quickly as possible and the government is urging all citizens to stay inside until something can be done to clean up the air and make it possible to go outside.

But while people are struggling to breathe in New Delhi — the government’s actually suspended all construction for the week to let the air clear and 5000 schools have been closed in the area — tourists are also suffering in Agra, where millions converge every year to visit the Taj Mahal, often considered one of the modern world’s most beautiful wonders. Except, well, not today, because people trying to take pictures of themselves in front of a building that’s been referred to as a “teardrop on the cheek of time” are mostly getting back photos of themselves in front of an impenetrable gray fog that looks like it came straight out of a B-movie.

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