What’s The Best Way To Save For Your Dream Trip?

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Making travel a part of your life is a big decision. There are plenty of variables that hinder folks from wandering this old blue rock at will — upbringing, privilege, personal philosophy, and career arc all come into play. Time off from the grind and the cash to afford a trip are typically the biggest obstacles cited. And we get it, trust us.

That said, from a strictly dollars and cents perspective, long-term travel is not nearly as expensive as you might think. It’s just a matter of perspective. I’ve traveled a fair amount. I’ve spent a lot of money on trips and I’ve spent next to nothing on trips. Currently, I live in Berlin — a choice that was made, in part, to free up money for travel.

**On A Related Note For Those Considering Leaving The U.S. Come November.**

Our family health insurance covers everything — I’ve never even seen a bill for two childbirths and and a knee surgery, much less run-of-the-mill doctor’s appointments or prescriptions. That health insurance is paid for by my partner’s employer. I use a car-sharing service which saves me 60 percent of the cash I’d have to pay owning a car (no insurance, car payment, gas payment, or repairs ever). Plus I live in a city/country/continent that has an amazing public transportation system. My kids go to a school for free, and the state automatically pays us enough money every month for their school expenses. And if they decide to go to college, that’s free here too. Our rent is cheap and the utilities are next to nothing.

We chose this lifestyle and place because it leaves us with extra cash to go traveling (and drinking and eating). Of course, that was our decision, and not everyone can make decisions like that (for a whole web of very valid reasons). But…it’s worked for us.

**End Side Note.**

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