So How Much Does A Round The World Trip Actually Cost?

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09.14.16 4 Comments

Has the travel bug bit you yet? Do you read all the articles about the people tossing in the towel at work and hitting the road? Do you think ‘f*ck it! I’mma do it!’ and then have the cold hard reality of cost wash away all those wanderlust dreams? You’re not alone.

Traveling costs money. Transportation, visas, shots, insurance, beds, food, doing almost anything of interest all add up really quick when you’re on the road. It can be daunting; a deal breaker. The money has to be there. No one, ever, travels for completely free (even the people who advertise their free-wheeling jaunts around the world are often churning those free flights from tens-of-thousands already spent on previous flights and credit card purchases).

One Redditor cut through all the wanderlust and cut right to the chase by asking, “I know there is a wealth of individual trips on here but thought it would be great to get a general conversation going on the subject. What were your costs…?”

Reddit nomads responded with honest reflections and raw numbers about how much they’re actually spending on the road, and how they can pull off dropping $20,000 (a very rough average from responders) on a round the world trip.

Travelers started by responding with straight talk about how much they spent per day and where that money went.

My wife and I did Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico for 8 months. I believe we spent about 200 Canadian (approx. $150 USD) per day between the two of us.
I believe we spent $6000 on activities in NZ. Even the cheap countries were expensive because we just did cooler stuff. Cranked out 70 scuba dives for example.

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