The ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ Is Back, And He’s Pitching A New Drink

06.15.17 10 months ago

Dos Equis/Uproxx

You might not know Jonathan Goldsmith’s name, but you definitely know his face. You also might be keenly aware of some of the adventures he’s purported to have had. Since 2006, he’s been referred to as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” those wildly popular Dos Equis commercials. That is, until 2016 when the beloved character was jettisoned on a one-way journey to mars, leaving us with the line, “His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like.”

Well, apparently he does know what regret feels like because he’s coming out of retirement and instead of beer, he’s repping tequila. No more Mexican suds for this world traveler, he’s setting his sights on the agave-based spirit instead.

During his time as the aforementioned “Most Interesting Man in the World,” Goldsmith’s character (based on his sailing buddy, the Argentinian movie star Fernando Lamas) was seen as a rugged, worldly, debonair gentleman who, among many amazing accomplishments, has benched pressed two women at once, won an arm wrestling tournament in South America, and “Once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.”

Now this man who “won a lifetime achievement award…twice” and whose “blood smells like cologne” is ready to tell the world what he’s always actually preferred: Astral Tequila (or so he says). In a video for his new partnership with Astral Tequila, Goldsmith says, “I told you I don’t always drink beer. I prefer tequila – Astral Tequila.” The quote is an obvious jab at his famous line, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

The biggest question surrounding this new tequila partnership is why didn’t someone think of it first? This is pretty much a carbon copy of his decade long beer campaign with beer removed and tequila added in its place. Still, it’s good to see the most interesting man back. We’ve all been wondering what he was up to. Mars must not have been all that exciting after all.

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