Rejoice! Australia’s Favorite Cookie Is Finally Coming To The United States


If you’ve ever been to Australia, chances are you encountered the magical cookies known as the Tim Tam at some point during your trip. And, if you’ve been lucky enough to feast on one (or twenty) of these fudgy, delicious flavor explosions you probably jammed a few extra packages in your carry-on to take back to the states. Once you arrived home, the cookie stash probably only lasted a day or two before you were left with nothing but crumbs and the memories of what once was.

Oh, the sadness that likely followed. In your mouth, the flavors of Australia in chocolate form still lingered. But, you were quickly confronted with the crushing realization that the closest box of Tim Tams was a fifteen hour (if you live in California) plane ride away. You were forced to just move on with your life and accept that the bland, not at all Tim Tam-esque cookies available in the states were all that you deserved.

You see, there’s something special about Tim Tams. It seems dumb, but the flavors are definitely complex. Simply put, it’s a chocolate biscuit. The cookie consists of two chocolate malted biscuits with a layer of chocolate cream separating them. But wait, that’s not all. The whole thing is dipped in chocolate like it was designed by some kind of chocolate-crazed mad scientist. If you want your mind blown, just dip your Tim Tams in milk, coffee or hot chocolate.

Just like Oreos, Arnott’s, the company that makes Tim Tams, is famous for its different flavors and new and exciting limited edition varieties. The main flavors are original, classic dark, white, chewy caramel and double coat. But, the company has introduced other flavors, including: virgin espresso martini, salted caramel, and even coconut cream. Which would just be antagonistic to tell you if you couldn’t try them, right?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that Tim Tams are now available in the US. And not just in limited qualities. These bad boys are available everywhere across this great (now tastier) country. Get in your car right now and go to your nearest Target or Walmart (or anywhere else that sells Tim Tams) and buy as many packages as your bank account will allow. You won’t regret it. Well, your waistline might regret it, but still…