Tony Hawk Puts His Mouth Through A Wing Torture Test With The ‘Hot Ones Challenge’

Tony Hawk, the nation’s second favorite substitute Larry David, is putting his mouth through hell for your amusement. Watch, won’t you?

The 48-year-old skateboarding icon participated in First We Feast’s infamous Hot Ones Challenge, an interview segment that combines increasingly hot wings with the standard interview process. It makes for a mesmerizing brand of conversation and is absolutely perfect for giving us valuable questions about voyeurism and human agony. (It’s mainly about folks being uncomfortable, to be honest.) Hawk also has the bonus treat of tackling this unique pursuit of promo in a live setting complete with a peer pressure-y audience.

“I’m just giving the people what the want,” he explains as the gathered crowd convinces him to add more sauce to his wing.

As always, there’s an informative chat complete with anecdotes and stories tucked into this pact of oral self-immolation. Tony Hawk weighs in on celebrity skaters, recalls the mindset of hanging out on the set of Jackass and addresses bucket list skate spots. Toss in a surprise cameo and it’s a welcome weekend treat.

(Via First We Feast)

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