Things Go Sideways For Comedian Bobby Lee When He Takes ‘The Hot Ones Challenge’

10.28.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Comedian Bobby Lee has gone to the trouble of torturing his mouth for our amusement and we couldn’t be happier with the results. That said, Lee’s torched innards might be less wild about how it all went down. His pants? Probably less enthused.

The MadTV alum is the latest brave soul to take on First We Feast’s infamous Hot Ones Challenge. The premise is pretty straightforward: It’s a friendly interview where the celebrity that’s popped by eats increasingly hot wings that escalate on the Scoville scale with no mouth, butt or ego escaping unscathed. In the intro clip, we get a quick glimpse of the agony that would befall Lee and it’s a gurgling scary sight. It’s also incredibly funny, largely because physical comedy is cruel like that.

As Lee’s bowels hang in the balance, host Sean Evans is able to extract interesting anecdotes involving butt pranks, Tinder and rubbing elbows with Eminem, Dr. Dre and Lisa Ann. You’d be surprised what an excellent conversation partner an anguished sweaty farty man can make, even if it’s in pursuit of shameless plugging. We recommend talking to a physician before playing along at home and we can all wait patiently for an aftershow where Chris Hardwick breaks down what happened over bread and ice cream.

(Via First We Feast)

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