Thanks To This Study, We Finally Know Who Should Get The Middle Arm Rest On A Flight

11.10.17 2 years ago

Air flight, if you think about it, is nothing short of magic. That someone figured out how to travel thousands of miles in only hours, instead of days or even weeks, has allowed normal people to see places they never would have before. It is, quite simply, a testament to human will. Except that, in reality, flying can also be an absolute nightmare, sitting on a cramped flight next to strangers who don’t understand proper flight etiquette. The screaming children, the seat backs, the freakin’ arm rests. God, the arm rests.

Ooh, I’m getting heated even thinking about the kind of monster who tries to take an armrest from a middle seat.

Turns out that I’m not just a hothead. Airplane etiquette is such a contested issue — does the middle seat get both armrests? what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom, and your seatmate is sleeping? — that British Airways surveyed travelers from the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Italy and took to the New York and London streets to find out what people really think about flying etiquette.

And the results are in: at least half of people are wrong.

Just kidding.

But the results are interesting.

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