Today’s Travel Hero Is This Middle Seat Passenger Who Fights For His Armrest Rights

As the great George Costanza often said, “We’re living in a society!” There’s an order to things. Sometimes this order is propped up by overt laws, others times by the unspoken rules of etiquette. Both the laws and the etiquette can be wrong, of course, but if all the social mores are stripped away, the fabric holding our weird tapestry together starts to unfurl.

Airplane Rules In Order Of Importance:

1) Don’t ever make a joke about terrorism. It’s not funny.
2) The person in the middle seat has 75% rights to the two middle armrests.

Truthfully, 75% is a conservative estimate. If you’re in the aisle, you don’t have to climb over anyone before going pee. Huge win. If you’re in the window seat, you basically have a full apartment. The curvature of the plane’s fuselage adds vital cubic inches to your life. Which means: You do not get primary middle armrest rights. Never. The poor schlub in the middle already has to deal with a thinner seat profile, losing the armrests is a bridge too far.

Which is why we’re naming today’s travel hero: This dude. Who started a FB live with the video aggressively close to his face, but does turn out to be an absolute superhero for the common person by the end. Remember him, friends.

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