These ‘Top Gun’ Parodies Will Take You Straight Into The Danger Zone

07.04.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Movie executives — and maybe Kenny Loggins — have been salivating for a Top Gun sequel ever since it soared (pun very intended) to the top of the box office in 1986. I wouldn’t be surprised if some studio exec had hired a fighter pilot to write out dollar signs in the sky over Tom Cruise’s house, but regardless of whatever tactics were used, something seems to have worked.

Recently, we told you that Maverick will likely fly once again, only this time he’ll be battling drones, because they’re the new Russian baddies. In celebration of Maverick’s return to the cockpit and Tom Cruise’s 53rd birthday (which was yesterday… he wasn’t actually born on the 4th of July), I thought it appropriate to look at the movie’s impact on pop culture with a rundown of all the (loving) spoofs and parodies it has inspired over the last 30 years.

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