The Twelve Days Of ‘Deadpool’ Marches On With A Peek At The Merc’s Insane Script Notes

While everyone is focused on last-minute holiday shopping, “12 Days of Deadpool” continues apace. The latest installment contains an ugly sweater that only a superhero could pull off and some script notes that are definitely rated “R” for language and violence. Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the first treat for fans, which had him in full costume as Deadpool and the added accessory of an ugly Christmas sweater. The sweater won’t be winning any ugly sweater parties anytime soon, and the lack of creativity causes it to lose points from the get-go, but it’s nice to see the Merc’ with a Mouth getting into the holiday wardrobe spirit.

The other half of the fun comes in the form of script notes that Deadpool marked up out of probable boredom. Sketched out on a scene that involves Deadpool trying to beat up Colossus and completely failing, the inappropriate doodles include a game of hangman, herpes and fingering jokes, and some insistent demands to make changes to the script. Unsurprisingly, the script change requests are childish and filled with ultimatums, as well as a random reference to Orlando Bloom — all in keeping with his reputation as a sarcastic jerk that can still get the job done. Of course, it’s not likely that he would walk off the set if a specific verb in the script doesn’t get changed, but Marvel should probably err on the side of caution there just in case. After all, finding another hero with exactly the same mix of sarcasm, fighting skill, and ability to pull off a red spandex suit is a tall order.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)