’21 Jump Street’ Directors Say A ‘Men In Black’ Crossover Film Is Still Possible

MTV interviewed Phil Lord and Chris Miller — directors of The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street, and 22 Jump Street — on the Golden Globes red carpet. They answered questions about some of the rumors coming from Sony leaks, including the one about 21 Jump Street crossing over with the Men In Black movies, a rumor Jonah Hill described in the most Jonah Hill way as “clean and rad and powerful”.

Phil Lord (who is a really good sport) said the crossover may still happen, joking, “Nothing’s changed. It’s still a crazy idea, and we only do things that seem like they’re going to be terrible.”

I can think of about twenty-one other crazy ideas they could also run with.

Lord added, “We’re really focusing on what’s a great story for Schmidt and Jenko and how to tell the next chapter in their lives, and perhaps use creatures from another world at the same time.”

When asked about the other rumors regarding them working on an animated Spider-Man feature, Lord answered, “We’re not going to let the terrorists win. We’re still going on with all of our other plans.”

Take that, terrorists.