Erotic Thriller ‘365 Days’ Continues To Be A Record-Breaking Hit For Netflix

Without any actual blockbusters hitting the theaters (Mulan and Tenet were both delayed again this week), it’s not crazy to call 365 Days the movie of the summer.

That’s the case Forbes makes, at least, and it’s a solid argument: the Polish erotic thriller is a massive hit for Netflix, having spent 12 days as the most-watched title on the streaming service, second only to Spenser Confidential’s 18-day run. Other feats include: “365 Days was the first film to be knocked out of the #1 spot on the Daily Top 10 — only to regain that top position” and “365 Days is the third-most-streamed movie in the Netflix Top 10 era. Only Despicable Me and The Angry Birds Movie 2 sit ahead of it.” (It’s not listed on the list Netflix released last week, because those are only original movies.) Not bad for a foreign film with a no-name cast. I wonder why it’s so popular… never mind. 365 Days, as Forbes notes, is also close to breaking a Netflix record:

Not only is 365 Days on the brink of breaking the record for most consecutive days on the Daily Top 10, but the film has also inched dangerously close to becoming the top-streamed movie on Netflix in 2020.

The “basically porn” movie should pass Angry Birds Movie 2 within days (the system is based on points, where the longer a title stays in the top 10 and the higher it’s ranked, the more points it gets) and it’s within an achievable distance from consistently popular Despicable Me, which would make it the most-streamed movie of 2020. Your move, Tenet.

(Via Forbes)

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