Holy Schnikes! Check Out These Interesting Facts About Chris Farley

Features Writer
08.06.15 2 Comments

Chris Farley was a comedy giant gone too soon, leaving behind a promising career and a number of “what ifs” that fans still obsess over to this day, like his missed Shrek opportunity. With the recent release of I Am Chris Farleya documentary about his life, Farley is back in the forefront of public discussion once again. Despite his death in 1997, Farley continues to be a comedy favorite, thanks to iconic skits from Saturday Night Live and films like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep.

While it is clear that Farley had his fair share of demons and insecurities that bled over into his personal and professional life, fans instead choose to remember him at his best… earnestly making people laugh. Let’s take a look at some other interesting things about Farley’s life to get a better picture of the man behind the legend.

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