Unleash The McLovin Inside You With These 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Superbad’

This is likely the first trivia video we’ve posted that was full of things that we truly didn’t know. It once again comes from the folks over at Cinefix and it covers Superbad, the Seth Rogen/ Evan Goldberg teen comedy classic that gave us McLovin, Jonah Hill and made Michael Cera seem like he wasn’t actually playing a role when he was George Michael Bluth.

But we certainly didn’t know that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made their own Star Wars film as kids (meaning we should see that brought to life at some point, at Disney, with a major budget) and I certainly didn’t know that Jonah Hill wasn’t actually up for the main role before watching this clip. It seems like it was pretty much a solid from the start and I really don’t know if I could see him in that Joe Lo Truglio role.

The funniest bits, though, seem to come from the age of the people in the film. Like Hill was definitely a bit older than your normal high school student and his facial hair was causing a problem for the realism of the scene. So to fix that, the crew gave him his own special shaving kit to keep it under control. Then on the opposing side, Christopher Mintz-Plasse was actually underage when they shot the film (so were all the kids in the classroom, obviously, causing another issue). That means the studio had to get pretty hands on during his “sex” scene, ensuring that there wasn’t too much bumping and grinding going on while the actress was on top and then faking the moment when he finally reached his climax. It was that close to being some sort of crime.

And as for the little kids, they caused trouble during the famous penis drawings scene (drawn by Golberg’s brother) because once again, the studio didn’t want kids looking at all those penises. So they didn’t. They made sure the reactions were fake. Thank you, movie magic!

(Via Cinefix)