‘A Quiet Place 2’ Delivers A Final, Ultra-Loud Trailer To Take The Monstrous Action Back To Where It All

If you had, even for a moment, forgotten what the world has been through lately, consider this: the first A Quiet Place 2 trailer landed on January 1, 2020. The John Krasinski-directed sequel meant to bow in March 2020, but you all know what happened, and now, the film’s staring down a May 28, 2021 release date. And all this time, Emily Blunt’s matriarch has been wearing the same dress from the birth scene, so that’s more than sheer dedication. Let’s do this trailer thing.

Previously, Krasinski briefly appeared in a flashback-focused Super Bowl spot, although (obviously) it’s understood that his character didn’t survive after calling alien-attention to himself at the end of the first film. And he’s back here in an extended capacity, carrying citrus fruit as a harbinger of doom and walking past a Space Shuttle toy that might remind everyone of poor Beau’s death. We also see Emily Blunt’s character visit the spot where Beau died, too, and damn, that’s a lot of emotional cueing for what’s essentially a hushed-then-loud trailer that’s all blockbuster-y (wild, considering that the first film was a sleeper hit) while pushing toward a return to theaters.

The film also stars Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou as hardened survivalists who are initially wary of helping anyone walking around with a loud-ass baby. And it’s no wonder because not only are there monsters afoot, but the people who are left behind may have grown monstrous as well. I bet those people would be anti-maskers.

A Quiet Place 2 descends into theaters on May 28, for real.