Look, If A Standing Ovation Lasts Five Full Minutes, Adam Driver Is Lighting A Cigarette

As the end credits rolled for Annette during the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival, the crowd launched into a five minute standing ovation, so Adam Driver did what anyone would’ve done in that situation: Lit up a cigarette.

No, really. You can see for yourself.

In Driver’s defense, even though the moment was clearly tongue-in-cheek, there were a couple things going on here. For starters, the cigarette was handed to him by Annette director Leos Carax, who Driver gamely obliged. As for the length of the standing ovation, it’s not an uncommon occurrence for audiences to stand and clap for the whole credits during Cannes. Although, this year, the crowd was in an understandably festive mood that permeated the air. Via Variety:

It was by no means a record for Cannes, but it also felt like the crowd wasn’t just celebrating the movie. The world’s glitziest film festival had pulled off a comeback, after taking a year off in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Indeed, it was not the same Cannes that met crowds two years ago on the French Riviera. While many of the visitors at Cannes have been vaccinated, there have been added precautions as the Delta variant sweeps across the globe.

However, Driver’s Annette performance does include him singing while performing cunnilingus on Marion Cotillard, so let’s not rule out that factor in the lengthy ovation. It’s gotta be in the mix.

(Via Variety)