Adam Driver And Mark Hamill’s Twitter Campaign To Find A Film Director’s Missing Dog Has Succeeded

Star Wars: The Last Jedi co-stars Adam Driver and Mark Hamill still have The Rise of Skywalker to look forward to this Christmas. Before the franchise’s “Skywalker Saga” finally comes to an end, however, the pair put their real-world powers to good use and, thanks in large part to Hamill’s massive Twitter following, managed to find a film director’s missing dog.

On Wednesday, Hamill posted a video of Driver, who was standing next to a “missing dog” sign taped onto a street light pole. The younger actor is currently filming the musical drama Annette in Belgium with co-stars Marion Cotillard and Devyn McDowell and, earlier this week, director Leos Carax’s dog Javelot went missing. “Javelot got spooked by some of the traffic and ran off, so he’s been missing for 24 hours,” Driver says in the video.

For any tips that would lead to the dog’s recovery, the actor seemingly offered the world: “We will put you in the movie. We’ll give you chocolate. We’ll christen your child. We’ll do anything as a way of saying thank you.”

A day later, IndieWire is now reporting that, per one of Annette‘s producers, Javelot has been found. What’s more, the unnamed producer suggested “the dog was ultimately located following the video’s circulation.” Seeing as how Hamill’s posted video has amassed nearly 750,000 views in just over 24 hours (not to mention his and Driver’s Star Wars-driven star power), this doesn’t seem all that surprising. Even so, it’s great news whenever a missing dog is found. Dogs are good. Javelot is a good dog.

(Via IndieWire)