AMC Is Making The Switch To Reserved Seating In All Their Manhattan Theaters

The movie theater chain AMC made a bold proclamation Wednesday, but when you think about it, you might wonder what took so long. The entertainment giant, which is currently the second largest exhibition chain in the country, announced that as of Sept. 2 — that’s Friday — all moviegoers in New York City will pick the seats they want when they order tickets. The days of trying to get to Midtown or the East Village or the Upper West Side super early so as to get a good seat are over, per Deadline.

Manhattan will now be the first major city in the U.S. to take the assigned seats route, which was expounded upon by AMC’s U.S. operations executive vice president John McDonald.

“As we look at markets where we can begin to make reserved seating prevalent, there’s no better place to start than Manhattan, where a trip to the movies often means a subway or cab ride. Reserved seating lets moviegoers pick the exact seat they want when they make their movie-going plans and provides our guests with the confidence that their specific seat will be waiting for them when they arrive at the theater.”

AMC already offers the luxury of assigned seating in 125 locations across the country and is also planning a mobile app allowing moviegoers to order concessions to be delivered to their seats as well as blocking off individual rows of assigned seats to be reserved for its Stubs Premiere program, which costs customers $15 per year.

(Via Deadline)