Amy Schumer Responds To The Backlash To Her ‘Triggered And Traumatized’ Comment About Will Smith’s Oscars Slap

In the days following Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, co-host Amy Schumer wrote on Instagram that she was “triggered and traumatized” by the incident. She continued, “So much pain in @willsmith anyway. I’m still in shock and stunned and sad. Im proud of myself and my cohosts. But yeah. Waiting for this sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed.”

Schumer faced backlash for her hyperbolic “triggered and traumatized” comment, which she discussed during Wednesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show. “People made fun of me for saying it was traumatizing,” the Life & Beth star told host Howard Stern. “I don’t think it was traumatizing for me. I think it was traumatizing for all of us.”

Schumer said that Rock “is my good friend — one of my best friends. To see your friend get hit?” But at the same time it also involved, “Will Smith, who I’ve loved. We’ve all loved forever. I don’t remember a time I didn’t think: I love that guy.” So the violent display was “upsetting for so many reasons” and “upsetting to everyone,” including “everyone at home who didn’t see what I saw [from my vantage point]… It was shocking. It was a bummer.”

Schumer also revealed the advice that Chris Rock, who hosted the Oscars in 2005 and 2016, gave her before the ceremony. “He’s the best, I love him so much,” she said. “He was like: You’re Amy F*cking Schumer. He kept… encouraging me and firing me up.”

You can listen to Schumer’s interview below.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)