Oh Hell Yeah, The New ‘Ant-Man 3’ Trailer Features A Cameo From A Major ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Player

People sure like I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robsinson. The comic’s Netflix sketch show only has 12 episodes over two seasons, but each segment is so funny, so strange, so filled with weirdly unfocused anger that they inspire memes, even ranked lists. But one sketch in particular ranks as the agreed-upon best: the one from the third episode of Season 1 in which a measly focus group for a car is taken over by a bottle-flipping lunatic played by Ruben Rabasa.

The Cuban-born actor has been working in movies since the late ‘70s. He’s even in two episodes of Miami Vice! But it was his sketch-stealing I Think You Should Leave appearance that made him an instant cult figure. He’s since popped up with a plum role in the recent Latinx redo of Father of the Bride. And when he popped up for a cameo in the new trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, people sure did notice.

Rabasa has yet to be added to the threequel’s IMDb page, and it’s not known that his role — as a coffee shop worker (or owner?) who thinks Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is actually Spider-Man — will be any bigger than a one-off. But upon seeing the actor whose antics launched a thousand memes, people couldn’t help but be astonished.

There were also jokes.

One of the film’s own writers even joked that Ant-Man 3 and I Think You Should Leave share the same cinematic/televisual universe.

And so this trailer, as Rabasa would say, has everything. You can watch it in the video below, and watch the ITYSL sketch in the video below that.

(Via The Daily Beast)