Anya Taylor-Joy Is A ‘Scummy, Mud-Caked Ferret’ Who Was ‘Infuriatingly Joyful’ While Shooting ‘The Northman’

Alexander Skarsgård may have had more fun filming Succession than The Northman, but his co-star feels differently. Granted, Alexander also had to prep for the shoot by getting more ripped than he did for Tarzan, but he did speak to the physically grueling nature of the shoot, given that the Northern Ireland elements were not kind. Anya Taylor-Joy, on the other hand, freaking loved it. She frequently stood barefoot in ice-cold water and nasty mud, and that was her jam.

Taylor-Joy revealed this to British Vogue while raving about how reteaming with her VVitch director, Robert Eggers, was a dream. This time, though, it was viking-land, and she got especially dirty. “I looked insane. So infuriatingly joyful,” exclaimed Anya of the mud scenes. The publication makes note of how she carted all her stuff around in plastic shopping bags on the set. She added that she feels so much more at home in the muck than while all dolled up for Hollywood.

“When I first started doing red carpets, I couldn’t handle the notion of being pretty,” she added. “I am a scummy, mud-caked ferret and striving for anything different felt disingenuous and scary.” It seems like she’s pulling off both ends of the spectrum, though, and now, she’s even a face of Dior. And she can beat all the boys while making chess seem exciting, too. Mud chess could be a new sport, though? Too far.

(Via British Vogue)