Armie Hammer Insists That The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Sequel ‘Will Happen’

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Aside from the fact that Call Me By Your Name fans keep asking Armie Hammer to sign peaches, we haven’t heard much about a potential sequel to the popular and acclaimed movie. Then again, André Aciman’s original novel stands alone, which means Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino’s talked-about plans for a sequel are based on wholly original material. The director is quite “serious” about his plans for another film, and according to a recent interview with Hammer at the Toronto International Film Festival, it sounds like the wheels are turning behind the scenes.

According to Variety, Hammer is insisting the Call Me By Your Name followup “will happen because there are already people working on it and trying to make it happen.” Even so, despite spilling the beans (or peaches) about Guadagnino’s intent, the actor added that he couldn’t actually say all that much about it. “How much do I know and how much could I tell you are two very different things,” he said, adding that “I know a lot, but I can’t tell you anything.”

Despite all the secrecy, Hammer wasn’t shy about sharing how excited he was to work with Guadagnino and Aciman again, saying he “[trusts their] artistic direction” with the story. “It was such a special time. It was such a collaborative, unique, and totally immersive filming experience that I never really had, nor since. If we get to do another one, I’ll feel really lucky.”

(Via Variety)