Welp, It Looks Like Armie Hammer Really Is Selling Timeshares For A Cayman Islands Hotel After All

Last week, the already strange and disturbing story of Armie Hammer took another creatively unpredictable turn. Someone posted a strange flyer from a hotel in the Cayman Islands that seemed to show that the disgraced actor was working there as a concierge. That, sources said, was just a joke. Then a few days later, images circulated of what looked like him selling timeshares at the same joint. Now a source tells Variety that, no, that one’s actually legit.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, told the publication that Hammer is “working at the resort and selling timeshares. He is working at a cubicle.” They add, “The reality is he’s totally broke, and is trying to fill the days and earn money to support his family.” There’s more, via Variety:

This individual, who asked to remain anonymous, says that prior to working as a timeshare salesman, Hammer was managing an apartment complex in the Cayman Islands. He is living there so he can be near his two young children who have been residing in the Caymans with his ex-wife, TV host and entrepreneur Elizabeth Chambers. A source previously told Variety that Hammer had also spent time in recovery at a treatment facility after his career downfall.

In early 2021, multiple women who had been with Hammer accused him of sexual misconduct, some of which involved talk of cannibalism. His career quickly took a nosedive, with him losing one role after another, and his part in Death on the Nile was minimized in the ad campaign.

Hammer comes from wealth; his great-grandfather was oil tycoon Armand Hammer (which is also Armie’s name by birth). However, he is not only the family payroll, and since he’s no longer making big time Hollywood motion pictures, he has to make a living somehow. Anyway, this may wind up as the coda to that Discovery+ true crime show about him that’s in the works, from which he presumably does not receive royalties.

(Via Variety)