Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A Message For All You Unwise Spring Breakers Out There

After a friendlier PSA starring his donkey and miniature pony, a slightly more agitated Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with another safety video emphasizing the importance of staying home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. While chomping a cigar and lounging in his hot tub, the body-builder-turned-thespian-turned-politician specifically called out spring breakers who seem to be doing the exact opposite of what health officials are recommending by crowding beaches and bars. Via CBR:

“The reason why I’m saying that is because I still see photographs and videos of people sitting at outside cafes all over the world and having a good time and hanging out in crowds,” he stated. “That is not wise, because that’s how you can get the virus.” The Terminator actor then urged spring breakers to stay away from those crowds. “Now that it’s springtime, the older kids are going to the beach and celebrate and drink and all of that stuff that is not a good idea,” said Schwarzenegger, “So stay away from the crowds, go home, and then we can overcome this whole problem, this whole virus in no time.”

You can watch Schwarzenegger’s full Twitter video below:

The former California governor/co-star of Junior is undoubtedly referring to the viral spring breaker video in which a college student tells CBS News that he’s not about to let a global pandemic stop him from partying.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying… We’re just out here having a good time. Whatever happens, happens,” says Brady Sluder, a student from Ohio interviewed by CBS. Elsewhere, AL reports that spring breakers flooding Alabama’s private and public beaches are similarly unconcerned. “The only corona here is the one I’m drinking,” says Scotty Grier, “It’s not worse than other flu viruses. Bird flu and swine flu killed more. It’s a way for the government to trick people… Young people today have the immune system of an ox.”

A recent study found that 20-29 year-olds are “super spreaders” of the coronavirus, so maybe get off the beach and listen to the star of Jingle All The Way, Scotty.

(Via CBR, Twitter)