Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprised A ‘Terminator’ Fan By Calling His Home And Screaming His Famous Quotes

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Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to scare the bejesus out of people at Madame Tussauds last week, but for a good cause. And tonight during his visit with Jimmy Fallon, The Terminator revealed the winner of the contest that got Arnold involved in that stunt in the first place.

He did so in classic Arnie style by quoting one of his signature lines from Predator in reference to how Sam, our lucky Terminator: Genisys winner, will get to go out to California to hang out and see the film. Hopefully he does a better job than Jimmy Fallon.

The host and Schwarzenegger took in a moment to smoke some cigars together and the former governor recreated Fallon’s method for preparing his cigar:

Shameful display.

(Via NBC)