An ‘Avatar’ Star Expects The Sequel To Surpass ‘Avengers: Endgame’ As The Top-Grossing Movie Ever

When Fox executives read the script for Titanic, they handed director James Cameron a list of scenes to cut from the three-hour movie to save money. “You want to cut my movie?” he responded. “You’re going to have to fire me! You want to fire me? You’re going to have to kill me!” They did not kill Cameron, and Titanic went on to win 11 Oscars and become the highest-grossing movie ever, a record it held until Avatar, also from Cameron, came along years later. The moral of the story: never doubt James Cameron.

If he says it’s a “certainty” that Avatar will surpass Avengers: Endgame to, once again, become the highest-grossing movie of all-time, I believe him. And if one of the stars of Avatar 2 (reportedly titled Avatar: The Way of Water) believes the sequel will make even more money than the original Avatar and Endgame, well, I believe him, too. Stephen Lang, the actor who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in the 2009 movie and will (somehow) return for the sequel, was asked by The National whether Avatar 2 will wear the box office crown. He gave a simple three-word response: “I expect so,” he said.

Lang also discussed working with Cameron:

“I’m working now with a much broader canvas than I was with the first Avatar, and it keeps me in concert with James Cameron to really go to town and examine the character in detail. That, to me, is totally tremendously satisfying and challenging.”

Avatar 2 probably, maybe, hopefully comes out on December 17, 2021.

(Via the National)