‘Avatar’ Is Heading For An Exclusive Stay On Disney+

We’re only a week-and-change away from the release of Disney+, the corporation’s family-friendly-ish streaming service, and we already have a strong idea about what to expect. You can’t watch R-rated fare, like Alien or Die Hard, from their newly-acquired Fox faults, but you get Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, plus scores of Disney animated classics (and sometimes non-animated non-classics). But this is news: As per a press release (picked up by The A.V. Club), they’re also getting Avatar as well.

Remember Avatar? It was the top grossing movie in history up until this summer, when Avengers: Endgame took care of that. And yet it hasn’t left much of a cultural footprint. We’re not constantly, or even ever, talking about its Dances with Wolves-y storyline or characters such as [jumps over to Wikipedia] Jake Sully and his Na’vi love interest Neytiri. Its revolutionary 3-D led to inferior, cheaper knock-offs that failed to have the impact (or the same gigantic granny glasses) that James Cameron helped birth.

Of course, that could all change. We are getting at least four Avatar sequels, due…whenever he feels ready to give them to us. (Reminder: The original Avatar turns 10 next month.) And maybe heading to a fancy, schmancy new streaming service, where it can hobnob with The Mandalorian and that Lady and the Tramp remake, is just what it needs to gain new life. Lord knows Cameron could use some good news after the widespread disinterest in his most recent attempt to sequelize one of his classics met a, shall we say, dark fate.

(Via The A.V. Club)