Be The First To See ‘The Interview’ In This Exclusive Ann Arbor Screening At UMich

The Interview is coming this holiday season, bringing a heartwarming Christmas tale of two journalists assassinating a world leader to theaters. And if you’d like to see whether Seth Rogen and James Franco can pull off whacking a certain despot, and you live in the Ann Arbor area, you’re in luck.

We have 200 seats at the Michigan Theater S set aside for students for a 12/4 screening at 9pm, with an 8pm reception. If you want in, just go to and enter the code TheInterviewMichigan to secure your seat. Here, have a handy reminder:

And if you miss out on this screening, tweet out your favorite line or scene, and tag it with #TheInterviewMovieSweeps to be entered for a chance to attend the LA premiere!

Alternately, you could watch the finest in North Korean cinema:

…Yeah, we think The Interview is a better option too.

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