‘Beetlejuice 2’ With Michael Keaton And Jenna Ortega Has A New Spooky-Season-Adjacent Release Date

You know the old myth that if you say a certain name three times, then said person will show up and week havoc? People tend to think it’s about Beetlejuice when in reality it’s about Justin Theroux, who will appear whenever somebody summons him. He’s got nothing else to do.

In this case, Theroux has been summoned to the set of Beetlejuice 2, the upcoming sequel to the cult classic comedy-horror movie that made you afraid of Michael Keaton as a child (meanwhile Morbius made you afraid of him as an adult).

Not only will Keaton be returning as the titular beetle, but Wednesday star Jenna Ortega will also star in the flick as Lydia Deetz’s daughter, while Theroux will star as a currently unannounced character. Winona Ryder is also expected to reprise her role as Deetz.

Tim Burton is reportedly set to direct the film, which will take place years after the events of the first movie, where a seemingly innocent family was haunted by numerous demonic beings just because they wanted to live in a nice home. That’s unfortunately what you are risking when you move to the state of Connecticut.

The Beetlejuice sequel is set to begin filming this summer, with an expected release date of September 6th, 2024. Fans of dates might notice that it’s right after Labor Day, so it looks like a certain green-haired freak might need a new costume.

Via Variety