It’s Time To Open The Songbook For The Recently Deceased Because ‘Beetlejuice’ Is Bound For Broadway

He’s always been the ghost with the most, but you can’t get more “most” than Broadway, now can you? Apparently not, because Beetlejuice is being primed for its own musical. Now that we think about it, it almost seems strange that there hasn’t been one of these by now.

According to a New York Post report on Alex Timbers, the project is apparently being lined up to appear on the Great White Way for the 2018-19 season. Timbers, who directed Rocky: The Musical and is one of the co-creators of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, was recently removed from his spot directing the upcoming Broadway adaptation of Disney’s Frozen. The Post‘s report notes that Timbers has other projects on the go and more relevant to our particular news blab is the mention that he’ll be the director of the future Beetlejuice musical with Warner Bros. said to be working with him on the adaptation. Considering the source material, Beetlejuice: The Musical should meld nicely with the world of theatrical song and dance.

Details beyond the “it’s happening!” and “here’s a target date and a director” are minuscule at the moment, but at least it’s potentially lovely news for fans clamouring for a seemingly non-existent sequel. If someone could be a sweetheart and bulk up the number of reruns for the Beetlejuice cartoon on cable, that’d be swell too.

(Via New York Post)