The Host From A Cringe-Inducing 2004 Ben Affleck Interview Says It’s Being Taken Out Of Context

Entertainment Editor
10.11.17 14 Comments

Just a day after Ben Affleck denounced the decades of allegations of sexual assault against his former collaborator Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck was called out by Rose McGowan for supposedly knowing about Weinstein’s actions, but also for a 2003 clip in which he gropes actress Hilarie Burton. Now another cringe-inducing video has resurfaced, showing Affleck and TV host Anne-Marie Losique intertwined, making for some really bad optics.

Affleck apologized for acting “inappropriately” towards Burton (after 13 years had passed and only when it’s become a national story), but now fans are pointing at this hands-y interview for Canadian TV as another piece of evidence in the case of “Is Batman a Creep?”

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