Twitter Humorously Doubles Down On Whitewashed Oscars With #MakeAMovieWhiter

After the Oscar nominations were announced, people went to work both mocking the choices and — on a more serious note — pointing out the overwhelming whiteness of the picks. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite popped up, boycotts were threatened, make-goods were promised, and Oscars host Chris Rock had to throw out a bunch of his jokes and start writing new ones.

@Midnight decided to address the issue with a serious roundtable discussion spearheaded by a panel of esteemed academics… or maybe they had a pun war using a new a hashtag on Twitter: “This year’s Oscars are whiter than a polar bear at an NPR party so tonight we’re playing #MakeAMovieWhiter.”

As with the Guy Fieri movies, Twitter delivered some genuinely silly puns in response to @Midnight’s call to action. Mighty white of them. Check out our favorites below, or skip right past that to the comments and lecture us about how racist this is. Because making a pun about Ryan Gosling is definitely the same — with the same impact on your quality of life — as generations of structural inequality. Thanks for the heads up, white/1-16th-Cherokee ninth-grader from Topeka.

(Via #MakeAMovieWhiter and @Midnight)