Alex Winter Kicks Off ‘Bill And Ted 3’ Production With A Gratitude-Filled Message

Orion Pictures

Perhaps this is a mark of the Keanaissance, but we’re officially living in a world where Bill & Ted 3 is happening. Although we learned in March (after years of maybes and wishes upon most righteous stars) that this threequel was totally a thing of the near-ish future, it’s amazing to behold that the Wyld Stallions are together on set again. Also, Keanu may be the resident A-list action star, but Winter remains the most underrated vampire of The Lost Boys. Yes, I said it, and their reunion is a bittersweet one that fills the latter with gratitude.

“Just got to location to shoot @BillandTed3,” Winter tweeted. “Making movies is a miraculous gig, but it’s also stressful & fairly nuts. Good to be here with @ed_solomon, our great director & producer, many folks I’ve known most of my life. We’re family, and that makes this all the more special.”

For this cinematic event, Keanu is back as Ted “Theodore” Logan, and Winter’s reprising the Bill S. Preston role. Even William Sadler will return as the Grim Reaper, but while we wait for an official first look at this delightfully hot mess, consider that Steven Soderbergh is executive producing Bill And Ted Face The Music, hopefully to unite the entire universe through some guitar stylings. We’ll see about that, but for now, Winter’s doing the tweeting because Keanu steers clear of that platform.

The two completely not-bogus dudes are now parents in this installment, and writer Ed Solomon has informed the franchise’s audience that this photo (including Brigette Lundy-Payne as Ted’s daughter, Billie, and Samara Waving as Bill’s daughter, Thea) remains on his production office wall.

Bill And Ted Face The Music will arrive on August 21, 2020.