‘Bill And Ted’ Get The Heck Out Of 2020 In This Most Excellent ‘Face The Music’ Trailer

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K? Maybe. The good news, though, is that it’s “Bill And Ted Day,” as foretold by Alex Winter, one of the two stars of Bill And Ted Face The Music, the long-anticipated threequel of the greatest damn franchise ever. Yes, “greatest” is a subjective term (fight me, Vin Diesel), but is anyone going to argue that the reteaming of Winter (as Bill S. Preston, Esq.) and Keanu Reeves (as Ted “Theodore” Logan) is an unwelcome sight in 2020? Nope.

Orion Pictures is here for us. These two righteous dudes are back, finally, as Wyld Stallyns, who actually are the greatest band on Earth. That’s not even owing to taste, for their music will transform Earth and encourage peace and prosperity. With this trailer, they’re presumably operating in real time, which means that they’re ditching 2020 (to steal their music from themselves in the future), and that sounds like a fantastic idea. The film’s first trailer also features… Prison Bill and Ted? Alright.

Not only are Winter and Reeves aboard for this film, but William Sadler will return as Death (with the air guitar moves intact). Brigette Lundy Paine and Samara Weaving will be portraying the daughters of Bill and Ted, respectively, and we’ll also see Anthony Carrigan, Kid Cudi (as himself), and some archival footage of George Carlin as Rufus.

Bill And Ted Day is also taking place on the perfect day: 6/9. Nice. And excellent! Enjoy this righteous poster.

Bill And Ted Face The Music will arrive on August 21.