The Time Has Come To Get ‘Honest’ About ‘Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure’

Who doesn’t love affable dimwits? (Well, aside from crusty deans, corrupt politicians and slick condo developers.) They get up to shenanigans, teach us universal truths and occasionally do wonderful things with time machines. Not that those achievements are enough to spare Bill & Ted from a long overdue Honest Trailers roasting, mind you. Dudes are still gonna get goofed on.

The 1989 sci-fi buddy comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is latest motion picture to go under the Honest microscope for a parade of loving jabs and legitimate gripes through the lens of 2017. It’s the sort of thing that helps connect the dots for how Wayne’s World and Dumb & Dumber would arrive after, complete with standard gags about Keanu Reeves’ unique brand of acting.

Included in this revisitation for wisenheimers is some necessary nitpicking about the weaker elements of the movie. (For example, gay panic gags weren’t cute in 1989 and they sure as hell don’t look any better in 2017.) It’s certainly nice to know that grumbling about recycled ideas and dumb historical reimagining has always been an option. Still, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is treated in largely loving fashion by our narrator. The Honest Trailers vivisection of Excellent Adventure is nestled above for your viewing pleasure and educational advancement.

(Via Screen Junkies)